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Do you know what is happening in the world of Insider Threat Management? Trust Farm does. Keep reading to learn from our experiences in safeguarding innovation at a variety of research-driven organizations.

The Leaky Research Funding Pipeline in the United States

The Leaky Research Funding Pipeline in the United States Is it possible that nearly half of all the research grants provided by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to research organizations have been compromised by Foreign Influence activities? As noted in headlines in January 2020, another researcher in the United States was arrested for disclosure concerns related to participation in a Global Talents Recruitment Program. The case involving Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard...

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How to Lose Your Trade Secrets (and maybe your job) in 5 Easy Steps

As a corporate investigator specializing in the loss, theft and misappropriation of trade secrets, I have been asked by employees, contractors and other insiders caught misusing their employer's trade secret how they should have handled the trade secret incident differently (i.e., better). I should caveat that the question usually came up as part of a comprehensive trade secret loss or theft investigation that resulted in an interview of the insider to gather the facts related to their actions...

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