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Research Security Management

Protect Your Research Grant-Funded Programs

The Problem

Non-Disclosure of Foreign Collaborations and Research Funding

As noted in August 2018 in the letter sent to NIH grant awardees, there has been growing concern over the lack of accurate disclosure statements made by principal investigators on grant applications and other compliance-related issues. Federal and State research granting authorities have stepped-up enforcement actions to ensure that research organizations and researchers comply with the terms and conditions of grant contracts. There are consequences for non-compliance at both the research organization and the principal investigator levels, including financial, reputational, and legal impact.


Mitigate Risks with Early Threat Detection and Incident Management


Foster a Culture of Compliance with Communication Campaigns


Train Researchers and Staff on Research Security Management

Mitigate Risks with Early Threat Detection and Incident Management

Trust Farm utilizes a proprietary innovation protection platform that will help your organization identify threats before trade secrets, research data, and other priceless proprietary information is subject to misuse, theft, loss, and misappropriation.

Our ObserveTrust™ Insider Threat Finder Platform is a unique insider threat analytical and investigation strategy that converges dependable insider threat behavioral intelligence with an effective, targeted agent-based User Behavioral Analytics tool to identify, assess, investigate, and remediate improper employee behavior related to mishandling of invention and innovation information assets.

Foster a Culture of Compliance with Communication Campaigns

Fostering a culture of compliance starts from the top. We will work with your organization to identify a top-down communication campaign that sends the right message to your organization that promotes a shared sense of responsibility for safeguarding your organization’s valuable tangible and intangible assets. Our approach to communication promotes a positive approach to gathering support for and compliance with critical research security management protocols. We will help you design a communication campaign that celebrates champions for safeguarding innovation without falling back on fear-based tactics that we know fail to inspire compliance and can even backfire.

Train Researchers and Staff on Research Security Management

Everyone in a research organization, from bench level researcher to external contractor, needs to recognize the importance of research security management processes. Trust Farm can provide you with the training you need. We have developed five hours of online, self-paced research security management course material that can be customized to your organization’s needs. We will provide your researchers, research staff, and other key stakeholders with the knowledge they need to recognize, mitigate, and report potential insider and outsider threats to the security and integrity of your research.

In addition to providing custom training solutions, we also offer enterprise pricing for our off-the-shelf Research Security Management Certificate Program, which was developed in collaboration with the Texas A&M University System. 

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