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Insider threat Management

Every Member of the Research Organization is a Member of the Research Security Team

The Problem

Intentional and Unintentional Insider Threats

Humans make mistakes. Researchers may not realize that non-compliance with research security protocols is putting their life’s work at risk for theft, loss, or misappropriation. Even more worrisome is the potential for high-value researchers to be targeted by hostile foreign influence threat actors who go to great lengths to elicit information from researchers under the guise of collaboration or curiosity.



Insider Threat Management-as-a-Service (ITMaaS) Solutions


Insider Threat Intelligence and Investigative Support Services


Enterprise Research Security Management Training Solutions

Insider Threat Management-as-a-Service

 Trust Frame will collaborate with you to create an insider threat risk management program that is unique to your industry, the nature of your research, and the structure of your organization. Our subscription-based insider threat management solutions include program charters, governance models, implementation guides, research security management policies, compliance policies and procedures, investigation standards, risk remediation options, and much more. We will provide your research organization with the the subject matter expertise and research security management program infrastructure you need to safeguard innovation and manage insider threats at the fraction of what it would cost to build an Insider Threat Management Program in house. 


Insider Threat Intelligence and Investigator Support Services

Trust Farm offers insider threat intelligence and expert analytical services that help client organizations identify and assess internal threats to research data, trade secrets and other proprietary information assets. Trust Farm can provide the Nation State Threat FinderTM keywords that will flag relationships between employees and external foreign influence threat actors that might present a risk to research data and related intellectual property. Trust Farm also provides expert linguistic, analytical, investigative, and compliance support to effectively assess, investigate, and remediate any insider threat risks that are uncovered, including those supported by hostile foreign influence threat actors.

Enterprise Research Security Management Training Solutions

 Trust Farm is proud to offer enterprise training solutions that provide a comprehensive overview of research security management issues. We offer custom, online, self-paced training solutions that will ensure everyone in your organization has an in-depth understanding of the various threats and risks to research. They will also develop an understanding of how critical research security compliance protocols are to safeguarding innovation from foreign influence threat actors. Our training solutions are designed to foster a culture of compliance with research security measures, in which everyone recognizes their role in protecting their research from accidental and intentional insider threat actors. 

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